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    • 3 Ways to Stay Cool If Your Air Conditioner Breaks

      May 17, 2017

      Summer is one of the most anticipated times of the year. Trips to the beach, sun-kissed skin, frozen cocktails, with longer days of warm sunshine. The summer months are great and all, but what if I told you, you had to endure the long summer months without an air conditioner? Would you still relish this time of year? Air conditioners are nifty little machines that keep us cool and sleeping comfortably when the heat and Read more →

    • 3 Health Benefits Associated with Air Conditioning

      April 20, 2017

      Have you ever wondered what the purpose of air conditioning was past cooling your home? When warmer weather starts to peak, air conditioning becomes a necessity in almost every home, office, car and shopping mall. Owning an air conditioner, a system we sometimes take for granted,  goes beyond its simple purpose of producing cold air and regulating temperatures. Surprisingly, without it, our health could suffer tremendously. Guaranteed Plumbing and Heating specializes in repairing, installing and Read more →

    • Take the Plunge! How Much of a Plumbing Expert Are You?

      February 21, 2017

      You may not consider yourself a plumbing expert, but you might be surprised at how much you know when it comes to fun facts about toilets and sinks. If you’d like to know, then take our little quiz (7 questions) to see just how much of an expert you really are. At Guaranteed Plumbing & Heating, Inc., when we aren’t providing emergency plumbing for customers in Montgomery County, PA, and the surrounding areas, we’re researching Read more →

    • What a Disaster! 3 Symptoms That Your Drain is Clogged

      January 16, 2017

      If you’ve ever experienced a clogged drain, especially one that overflowed in your home, then you probably felt like it was the end of the world. But don’t worry – it isn’t! It’s happened to homeowners many times before, and guess what? We’ve fixed it every single time we’ve been contacted. However, it’s still not good knowing that one (or multiple) of your drains are clogged, whether it’s in the kitchen sink, the bathtub, or Read more →

    • How to Save Money on Your Heating Bill This Winter

      December 19, 2016

      Maybe your heater didn’t break, but your heart probably did when you received your heating bill after last winter. That’s the problem many people have – finding the balance between not freezing their tail off and not spending too much money on heating costs. But luckily, there are a few things you can do this winter to save money while remaining warm in the process. And no, they don’t involve lighting yourself on fire. At Read more →