5 Easy Ways to Save Money on Heating This Winter

Have you felt the cold chills of winter passing through your home? If you find yourself shivering when you think about your heating bill, it may be time to winterize your home and furnace system. Use these five easy tips to lower your heating bill this season while also remaining toasty warm inside!

  • Shut the doors. Don’t waste money heating rooms that you aren’t using! If you aren’t using a bedroom, office, or kitchen space, close the vents in the room and shut the door to save on heating and redirect warm air to more important rooms.
  • Clear your vents. Your vents can’t properly warm your home if they’re clogged or covered, so double-check that your vents are clean and unobstructed. Move rugs away from vents and wipe down slits with a wet tea towel for maximum efficiency.
  • Give drafty doors the boot. Place a draft snake at the foot of any door that has space between its base and the floor. This will seal warm air in the room and keep cold air out.
  • Inspect your furnace. A furnace that’s running inefficiently can be a serious drain on your income. If you’ve received a heating bill that’s significantly higher than last winter, call for furnace repair in PA as soon as possible to prevent your system from leaking heat and money!
  • Layer up. The simplest way to warm up without raising your heating bill? Add an extra layer of clothing! Investing in a thick wool sweater and pair of socks that you can throw on when around the house can help you warm up without clicking the thermostat up a notch.

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