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Curb Trap Repairs in Philadelphia & Montgomery County, PA

Curb Trap Repairs Done Right
curb trap repair philadelphia
When it comes to sewage lines, our technicians at Guaranteed Plumbing & Heating, Inc. are the repair experts. A sewage system can be extremely tedious to completely replace, not to mention very expensive in costs. That’s why if you are aware of a defect in your curb trap, we highly recommend getting it repaired – but not just by anyone – professionals like our contractors at Guaranteed Plumbing & Heating, Inc.!

What is a Curb Trap and What Does it Do?
When your curb trap breaks, water can leak into your home causing flooding and water damage. The curb trap is a part of the piping line in your sewage system that prevents water from escaping into your home. The curb trap also keeps sewer gas from getting into the main drain and the house. It is a U-shaped pipe that is connected to a vent that circulates fresh air through the sewage system. We at Guaranteed Plumbing & Heating, Inc. have performed curb trap repairs for hundreds of homes in the Philadelphia and Montgomery County, PA area. If your curb trap has broken, our experienced technicians can repair it in a timely manner without disrupting the rest of your property.

Quality Repair Service at a Reasonable Rate
If you live in the Philadelphia or Montgomery County, PA area, the city may issue you a Notice of Defect stating that there is a problem with your plumbing. Sometimes the sewer issue is the curb trap. Our company conducts curb trap repairs at the most affordable prices that can fit your home budget. Our passion for plumbing, home repairs, and installations stems from our desire to meet your needs as a homeowner and to make your property a livable and comfortable place.

How We Repair a Curb Trap
Our contractors specialize in performing curb trap repairs in Philadelphia and Montgomery County, PA, with high-quality materials and excellent craftsmanship. When we repair your curb trap, we shoot a line from a hole that we drilled in your basement wall all the way to a dig site we created at your property’s curb. Therefore, digging up your yard doesn’t have to be an option! We are the plumbing company that you can trust to give you the best repair results. Contact us today to have your curb trap repaired.

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