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Gas Hot Water Heater Repairs in Philadelphia

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Have Your Hot Water Heater Repaired By Our Services!
Sometimes, when a gas water heater breaks, it isn’t just the pilot light. Age, rust, and leakage are all major factors that can determine whether you need your gas water heater to be fixed. We at Guaranteed Plumbing & Heating, Inc. specialize in quality gas water heater repair and installation. Our team of plumbers and contractors in Philadelphia are all knowledgeable and experienced in the field of heating system services. Our company can meet all of your water heating needs!

If you discover corrosion on your gas heater, give us a call and we will send out one of our professional technicians to inspect it for you. After a thorough examination, the technician will consult you on what the best course of action is to take concerning your gas water heater repair. Other gas heater issues that can determine whether you will need a repair service is if your water temperature is cool or if your tank fails to drain water through its valve. If you notice these problems occurring in your Philadelphia household, don’t neglect them because there may be something extremely wrong with your gas water heater. Our team of contractors can assist you with any hot water heater issue you are experiencing.

Hot Water Tanks

We Can Upgrade Your Hot Water Heater!
Depending on how extensive the damage is, gas water heater repair may be too costly and you may have to replace it instead. Aside from conducting repairs, our company performs installations for hot water tanks. We have upgraded hundreds of homes in the Philly area with grade-A, energy efficient hot water tanks.

There are a variety of reasons to decide to have a new hot water heating system installed other than damage that is beyond repair. New hot water tanks that are available in the heating appliance market can save time, money, and conserve energy. Homeowners can also lower their water bills and increase the value of their Philadelphia property with the installation of advanced hot water heaters.

The Plumbers You Can Trust!
Whether you need prompt gas water heater repair or want to upgrade to a new hot water heating system, Guaranteed Plumbing & Heating, Inc. has the expertise to service you. We offer our repair and installation services to residents in the Philly area at the most affordable rates. We take pride in our work and believe in practicing outstanding customer service. Contact us today for a free estimate on your hot water heater.

In addition, we provide furnace repair in Philadelphia and boiler installation in Philadelphia as well. Call us today to hear more about any of our services.